Test Results

To request your test results you can complete our Test Results Request Form, alternatively call us after 13:00 to enquire about your test results as our staff will have more time to help you at this time.

You will be told how long you should expect to wait for the results at the time of your test so please bear this in mind before calling. It is then your responsibility to check them and make any necessary follow-up appointment with the doctor.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.


Urine Samples

If you suspect you have a urine infection you can collect a specimen pot from the receptionists.

The practice would ask that these samples are clearly labelled with the name and date of birth of the patient, reception can provide labels if required.

Please do not hand samples in using inappropriate containers as these may contaminate the sample and give an incorrect result when tested.

Samples should ideally be handed in at reception before 11:00