Essex Wellbeing Service

The Essex Welfare Service was created in association with Provide at the beginning of the UK’s Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, and within a matter of days it had gone from the ‘drawing board’ to a large scale operation of call handlers and support staff to ensure that our county’s most vulnerable people were able to access the help that they needed while shielding at home. Thousands of volunteers have been grocery shopping, collecting prescriptions, providing transport for medical appointments and much, much more. All of this has been just a simple phone call or email away, with most tasks matched to volunteers in under a minute.

As Essex moves out of nationwide lockdown, the Essex Welfare Service will be building upon this incredible success by evolving into the Essex Wellbeing Service, giving our county’s residents a single point of access for all their wellbeing needs. As well as getting practical help with everyday tasks, we will be able to link people with a variety of other services, including ‘Live Well, Link Well’ that supports people who are feeling isolated and connects them with trained professionals and peer groups for mental health support. The Essex Wellbeing Service can also connect people with Citizens Advice, the Children’s Hub, Learning Disability Support and other services.

The Essex Wellbeing Service is just one way that Essex County Council will be helping residents adapt to ‘the new normal.’

Visit 0300 303 9988.