Practice news update

What’s happening?

Currently patients are allocated one of 5 named GPs. Dr Bateman, Dr Justice, Dr Patel, Dr Nightingale and Dr Muir. From 2nd January Dr Gunasekera and Dr Adjetey will be added to this list. This means that some patients will be allocated a different GP.

How has this process been carried out?

Patients have been randomly allocated to Dr Gunasekera and Dr Adjetey. Those patients who are receiving palliative care will remain with their usual GPs.

Why are these changes necessary?

The average number of patients allocated to GPs in the UK is currently 1600-1800.
Currently the 5 GPs at Colne Medical Centre have 2300 patients on their lists.

With this in mind we are looking to improve patient care and continuity of care so the practice will be altering the lists with effect from 2.1.2020

What this means for you?

When you arrange an appointment on or after the 2nd January our reception team will be able to advise you of your named GP, for many of you this will not have changed but some will have been allocated to Dr Gunasekera or Dr Adjetey.

We do understand that you may have built relationships with your GP over time and may be reluctant to change but would politely ask that you give yourself and your new GP a chance to forge new partnerships.

Comments or concerns

If you have any concerns or comments please pass these to our reception team or contact the Practice Manager via the practice website, email or phone.